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Monday, August 2, 2010

Banca Tercas Teramo signs Blake Ahearn

Blake Ahearn is back to Europe. Banca Tercas Teramo has signed the 26-year-old American guard, who started last season in Spain with Asefa Estudiantes. After leaving the club last December, Ahearn played in the D-League with the Bakersfield Jam, and then traded to the Erie BayHawks, where he averaged 26.2 points and 6.0 assists per game.


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3 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

Great player...But I cannot understand til now the real reasons for him to went out last season from Spain...He aluded to miss a lot his country and his family...How is it gone your nostalgy now Blake???...It's incredible what the money can do today with people...Congratulations to Rome, and I hope you don't miss him in the middle of the season as we do last year...

Anonymous said...

No es una bomba, es un petardo.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you get your facts straight...the reason he wasn't in spain for the whole year last year was because the team was bankrupt, didnt have a sponsor for half the year, and they weren't paying him money...why dont you read an article and do some researching before you start crying about losing him half way through the year. This kid is one hell of a player and he will do good in TERAMO...yes TERAMO not ROME! you really do need to check up on your facts before you start talking about things you dont know

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