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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Milos Vujanic, Temmu Rannikko, Álex Urtasun and Nacho Martín, on the radar of ViveMenorca

ViveMenorca keeps on tracking the market for new players. Milos Vujanic and Temmu Rannikko could be also candidates to strengthen the backcourt of the Spanish team. The Serbian 29-year-old Serbian guard played last season for CB Murcia and is a favorite for ViveMenorca, though his economical demands are too high for the team. Another player on the radar of ViveMenorca is Teemu Rannikko, the 29-year-old Finnish guard lately in CB Granada. On the other hand, ViveMenorca is also considering Álex Urtasun and Nacho Martín for the next season. Urtasun, who is also on the radar of Meridiano Alicante, is a free agent after being released by CAI Zaragoza, though he played last season on loan for Baloncesto León, while Nacho Martín played last year in LEB Oro in CAI Zaragoza, on loan from CB Granada.

SOURCES: Última Hora, Menorca.info

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