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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dusan Ivkovic could be the new head coach of Olympiakos, and Vassilis Spanoulis the first signing

Dusan Ivkovic could be the replacement of Panagiotis Giannakis in Olympiakos. The veteran 67-year-old coach, now in charge of the Serbian national team, would be back to Olympiakos after winning the only Euroleague in the history of the Greek club in 1997. According to Jonas Vianauskas, GM of Lietuvos Rytas, Ivkovic wants the 18-year-old center Jonas Valanciunas as the second signing of Olympiakos next season. The first one would be Vassilis Spanoulis, from Panathinaikos. Real Madrid is also reported to be interested in the 27-year-old Greek guard, who is also considering to go back to the NBA.

SOURCES: Mondo, Krepsinis

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