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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maccabi Tel Aviv, close to land Miroslav Raduljica next season

According to his agent, Miroslav Raduljica is closing a deal to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv next season. The interest of the Israeli powerhouse for the 22-year-old Serbian ceneter is not new and Maccabi even tried to sign him months ago when Maciej Lampe left the team. In the last Adriatic league, Raduljica averaged 13.7 points and 6.4 rebounds for his current team, FMP Zeleznik.

SOURCE: Krepsinis

4 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, very funny.. Is forum information, not true

Anonymous said...

Krepsinis is not a bad source. I mean, it's not that Sportando shit, for example.

Anonymous said...

krepsinis uses a random blog as a source. which means its just a made up rumor

Tikot said...

Hi! I'm the guy who writes here.

I know Krepsinis usually uses blogs as sources, but also it's a source that have given me good reports, so I usually give it some credit.

Which is the original blog, 3rd anonymous?

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