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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hedo Turkoglu, unhappy in Toronto

Hedo Turkoglu admitted to a Turkish newspaper that he's not happy in Toronto. The forward arrived to the Raptors last summer after a sign-and-trade with the Orlando Magic, where he was playing since 2004. Turkoglu, who couldn't help his team to qualify to playoff. Turkoglu is disappointed with his season after reaching the NBA finals last season with the Magic.

SOURCE: Gazetesport

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Anonymous said...

i honestly think hes not that great of a player (dont get me wrong hes good, bot great) im from San Antonio and i still believe he wasnt awesome with our club. i think Orlando and Toronto (got screawed) he only went to the finals (ONCE!) and didnt do much at all, i believe for him to complain about toronto should be the least of his problems and start focusing on what hes really worth and better start proveing it to the Toronto FAN and the Organization too! takecare and god bless :)

Bkgs430 said...

He should go back to Orlando. They need him.

Anonymous said...

Hedo is over-rated. In Orlando, he was with the right mix of players and the system was right for him. Toronto over-paid for Hedo. A type of player that commands that salary should be able to adjust to any kind of system and not the system adjust to him. Very disappointed that he should have at least showed some heart while he played this year.

Max in Missouri said...

Hedo sucks. There are very few knowledgable basketball people that thought this was a good signing when it happened. Even Otis Smith saw that Hedo was playing at his peak, or even above, during his last couple years with Magic. Had Hedo not broken his verbal commitment to the Blazers, Kevin Pritchard wouldn't be looking quite so smart right now, would he?

André said...

He obviously should return to Orlando, where he fit like n other place in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Hedo fits Orlando much better than Vince Carter and it became crystal clear after Boston disaster. Moving Hedo to Toronto was lose lose case for all the parties involved.

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